Policeman Questions Drunk

A man was walking down the street around 3am, obviously drunk, missing a shoe and walking side to side.

A policeman spotted him and stopped his car along the curb nearby.”Good evening sir, would you mind stepping over here for a moment, please?” the policeman asked.

Haltingly, the man came over to the police car. “Gooodsh evening occifer, whass the trouble?”

“Well,” the officer began, “it seems you’re not quite in any condition to be walking along in this area this late at night. Are you heading anywhere in particular?”

“Why yesshh,” the man replied, “I’m on my way to attend a lecshture in a few minutes about the evilsh of drinking, gambling, drinking and gambling, and staying up all hoursh of the night.”

Intrigued, the cop asked, “You mean you’re heading to attend that lecture right now?” The man nodded.

“And it’s being given at this late hour, and you’re going in that condition?” The man nodded again.

Disbelieving now, the policeman asked “Who is going to be awake at this late hour and willing to give you such a lecture after seeing you in that condition?”

“My wife.”


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